Medical condition suspected in road death

A MEDICAL condition may have contributed to the death of an elderly man in a crash at Wangaratta yesterday, police say.

Wangaratta police Sgt Trevor Schultz said the Wangaratta man, 74, was driving west on Lindner Road about 12.30pm when the Ford Falcon left the road and crashed into a tree a few metres from the Warby Range Road.

He said the driver of a car travelling behind the Falcon called emergency services.

The driver of the Falcon, the sole occupant of the car, suffered internal injuries and died at the scene.

“Paramedics worked on him for about an hour but he succumbed to those injuries,” Sgt Schultz said.

Sgt Schultz said the car had relatively minor damage to its front, which indicated that the driver was not speeding on the 100km/h road.

“There’s no indication of speed,” he said.

“There’s no swerve marks, no signs of braking.

“We’re unsure of why he’s left the road but it could be a medical condition.”

Sgt Schultz said the man’s family were in shock.

“Albeit he’s an elderly man, it’s not expected you’ll lose a family member that way,” he said.

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