‘Wrong place’ for an ambo station

A WODONGA mum is calling on the city council to stop an ambulance station being built in “residential heartland”.

Eryn Phillips says the planned site for Wodonga’s second ambulance station, at the corner of Felltimber Creek and McGaffin roads, is inappropriate.

She said ambulances would be forced to use sirens when leaving the busy and narrow intersection and said they could pose a threat to residents of a nearby 80-bed aged care home and children at a school bus stop.

Mrs Phillips also believed Ambulance Victoria had not been as upfront as it could have been in the process by first buying the land and then planning to consult with neighbours.

She said the claim that it was a growth corridor was ridiculous, with the lifestyle block estate complete and valleys and hills blocking any further development.

Yesterday the mother of two began door-knocking neighbours to gain support for a petition she hoped would convince councillors to reject the proposal.

“Why wouldn’t you look at some of the vacant blocks in the commercial and industrial estates around town — surely they are a better fit,” she said.

“Even some of the future residential areas — the council’s own planning documents show there is no further growth expected in this area.

“We support the need for a bigger and better ambulance station but this location is simply inappropriate.

“It is a busy intersection. There is a bus stop that people from the nursing home and school children use nearby.

“This is a lifestyle-block estate, people move into the area because of that, because it is quiet.

“Ambulance Victoria says it won’t use sirens all the time but with the intersection and the foot traffic, there will be no choice.”

Last month Ambulance Victoria announced it had bought the block — more than 3½ years after funding was announced.

The 6000 square metre block was chosen from more than 32 sites across the city.

Wodonga Council says it is yet to see a planning application and residents will be notified.

But Mrs Phillips, who lives about 100 metres from the intersection, said she had been told there were no guarantees she would be notified.

“An officer told me that it is discretionary whether they advise neighbours at all and, if they do, how widely they distribute that advice,” she said.

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