Deserted by ‘pathetic excuses’

WODONGA Dog Rescue volunteers are frustrated by the pathetic excuses given by owners who abandon pets.

The organisation is expecting an influx of about 50 dogs after Christmas but they are already sheltering their capacity of 25 dogs; 14 of which are taking refuge at volunteer Peta McRae’s home.

“They’re good dogs, why should they have to be put to sleep,” Mrs McRae said, looking at 11-week-old Tiffany, who was abandoned and did not have a microchip.

“But if we don’t take them, that’s what happens.”

Mrs McRae and volunteer Alison Press said many of the surrendered animals in the pound had to be put down and they were angered by owners who no longer wanted their pet because the dog moulted through the house or was no longer a cute puppy.

They also heard of a case of parents who decided not to pay to get their dog out of the pound so they could “teach their children a lesson”.

Mrs McRae hoped people would save one of the 60 animals surrendered to the pound or Wodonga Dog Rescue, rather than buying one for Christmas.

“But if you take on a dog, it’s a life commitment.”

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