Kelsey still lives with race fans

THE memory of a North East horse trainer will live on after a race was named after her for next week’s Boxing Day races at Wodonga.

The first Kelsey Watts Memorial Race will run as a dedication to the trainer, who died on December 13 last year after battling ovarian cancer for more than two years.

Kelsey’s mother, Heather Watts, who founded the Border Ovarian Cancer Awareness Group, said the race would be a tribute to her daughter, who was just 33 when she died.

“Kelsey was heavily involved in the horse industry so it seemed fitting,” she said.

“It’s a healing process for me. People have been absolutely wonderful with their support.”

Ms Watts said the awareness group had more than 150 members.

“We have a goal to reach 1000 members by the end of next June. We’re getting really positive feedback,” she said.

Members of the group will walk around the racecourse in shirts asking for donations throughout the day.

Half of the money raised will go straight to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in Melbourne.

Ovarian cancer is often difficult to detect, with an internal ultrasound and blood test the only known form of diagnosis.

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