Rush of blood will be welcome

THE Australian Red Cross has one last hurdle to jump before the year ends.

The blood service needs donations to avoid a significant shortage of blood for patients suffering chronic illness and cancer.

The Albury centre needs only 21 more people to spend a single hour donating blood to meet its quota for the holiday period, but it still won’t be enough.

Albury donor centre manager Sergio De Marchi said the need for blood would never end.

“There is always a deficit when it comes to blood donations at this time of year; people are away for Christmas and New Year, unfortunately our opening hours are affected as well,” Mr De Marchi said.

“But cancer patients still need blood, surgical patients and burns victims need blood; sadly there is a demand that will never really be properly met.

“There is nothing to lose from donating blood, and potentially an hour of your time could save the lives of three people.”

The Albury donation centre receives about 14,000 blood donations annually but it needs even more, Mr De Marchi said.

“One in three people need blood, but only one person in 30 regularly donates it,” he said.

“That number needs to even up significantly.”

One regular donor is Kerri Yensch, of Lavington, who, despite having lower than usual levels of iron, is able to donate plasma every fortnight, thanks to the less taxing process.

Her donation yesterday was her 36th.

“The staff here are very supportive, and made sure I had answers to all my questions before I sat down and started donating,” Mrs Yensch said.

“I just kick back and enjoy reading a magazine for 45 minutes; it’s such a good way to help the community while doing next to nothing.”

If you are willing to make a blood donation, contact the Albury donation centre on 13 14 95.

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