Rail service is on road again

V/LINE’s midday trains between Albury and Melbourne will again be replaced by buses — this time for a week starting on Saturday.

Buses replaced all trains from Thursday until today because of work on the track.

The midday services, which had been suspended for several weeks, will run from tomorrow until Friday, then they will again be replaced by buses until January 11.

For 19-year-old Ross Wettenhall, from Holbrook, taking the bus on Saturday afternoon was nothing new.

He has travelled up and back to Melbourne for the past five years for school at Geelong College and now for tertiary studies at the Australian Catholic University.

Mr Wettenhall said he can only think of a couple of times he’s actually caught the train with most services he’s been on replaced by buses.

“I’ve gotten used to it. It is annoying because you’ve got to swap at Seymour,” he said.

Hugh Hanna was waving goodbye to his two children on the bus with a dog under his arm.

He wasn’t happy with the bus because it meant his daughter’s whippet Chilli wasn’t allowed to board with her and will stay with him.

Libby Alexander, from Walla, took her eight-year-old grandson to the station to catch the bus after he spent Christmas with her.

She said he normally wouldn’t take a bus because he gets severely car sick but because he had to get back to his home in Melbourne with his mother, he had no choice.

“He’s going to be sick,” Mrs Alexander said.

“It’s horrible.”

A V/Line spokesman said there were several works occurring both in Melbourne and on the Albury line and they knew passengers did not like buses.

“The works that are being done are for the benefit of all passengers both in Melbourne and in regional Victoria,” he said.

“We encourage anybody who is intending to travel with us to always check the website or call us before booking a ticket to determine whether it is a train or a bus and that may determine whether they want to travel or not.”

For more information on services call 1800 800 007 or go to vline.com.au.

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