Cooling pool an extra drive for Wodonga families

THE Holloways of Middle Indigo trekked over the border to the Albury Swim Centre, one of dozens of Victorian families dismayed they couldn’t cool off in an open-air pool in Wodonga.

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Adrian, 14, Sheldon, 10 and Tahlia, 9, used to go to the Wodonga pool in Stanley Street, but that closed nine months ago and the new Wodonga pool is not scheduled to open until late next month.

Adrian Holloway, a student at Beechworth Secondary College, said his family generally used the pools at Stanley Street or Chiltern but visited the Albury pool for the first time this summer.

“We liked the Stanley Street pool because there was were lots of grass and shade there, though Albury is all right,” he said.

Brother Sheldon said there wasn’t much to choose between the pools but he was happy to be splashing around.

His grandmother, Betty Dale, said she would have taken the children to either Stanley Street or the WAVES centre if either had been open.

“It’s a shame they closed one and haven’t opened the other,” she said.

All the Holloway children learnt to swim in the indoor pool at Wodonga Leisure Centre.

Albury Swim Centre manager Paul Tanner said he welcomed the Wodonga influx, although it had not made his three pools crowded.

“We have plenty of room today,” he said, pointing to the pools being shared by families with young children as well as regular lap swimmers, including office workers having a lunch-time swim.

Asked if there were more swimmers this year, Mr Tanner said it was hard to compare with last season.

“We never had a hot summer last year, but we have a lot of Wodonga people who have been season-ticket holders for some years.”

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