Oops! Down to the wire in Wodonga

IT was a rare sight that attracted more than 50 sightseers — a car, perfectly balanced, suspended in the air by the guy wire of a power pole.

The car ran off the road in Wodonga’s Brockley Street just before 6pm on Saturday.

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While onlookers pulled out their phones and snapped pictures of the car, Sen-Constable Joshua Hudson, of Wodonga police, said he had seen it happen before.

“It got a lot of attention from people on foot and in cars,” he said.

“I’ve seen that once before, a girl in Melbourne a few years back.”

But this time, it was a 30-year-old Lavington man with an alleged blood-alcohol level of .084 who drove up the wire after briefly taking his eyes off the road.

Sen-Constable Hudson said the man was lucky to walk away unharmed.

“He turned a corner, a bit quick, perhaps 20km/h or 30km/h,” he said.

“But he was fine.

“He just dropped out of the driver’s door and walked away, he didn’t need an ambulance.

“It could have been worse if he hit the pole, so he’s probably pretty lucky.”

The man was charged with drink-driving and careless driving.

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