Near miss on notorious Balldale road

A WOMAN’S car skidded just five metres from a tree last night after crashing on a Balldale road notorious for fatal accidents.

Police said the woman, 34, was lucky to be alive.

Skid marks etched in to the dirt five metres from a large tree on Hopefield Road showed just how close the woman came to being more seriously injured.

She was taken to Albury Base Hospital last night complaining of shoulder and chest pains after her Nissan Navara appeared to have rolled about 30 metres along the side of the road at 6.30pm.

“She’s very lucky, if she hit a tree it might have been a different story,” acting Sgt Samantha Churchin, of Corowa police, said.

“The car has come from the eastern side of the road then lost control to the western side.

“We don’t know what happened at this stage, we’re yet to talk to her ... we don’t know where she’s from.

“She’s in a lot of shock at the moment.”

The scene of the crash, near Corowa, came just after a slight bend in the road.

While the car seemed to be intact and was on its wheels when emergency services arrived, the windscreen was found about 30 metres away.

Hopefield Road has a history of car crashes.

In June last year, a Corowa woman, 25, died on the road after her car crashed in to a tree.

Her death was the fifth on the road in four years.

In March 2011, two men, both 18 and from Corowa, died and two others were injured when the driver lost control.

A 16-year-old was later charged with driving at a dangerous speed causing death, disqualified driving and special range drink-driving.

In 2008 a Corowa man and a Junee man died in separate incidents when their vehicles hit trees.

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