Cat attack: Timmy mauled by roaming dogs

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A SECOND cat attack in West Wodonga has been blamed on a pair of marauding dogs that killed nine-year-old Boots earlier this month.

This time the victim, Timmy, 2, narrowly escaped with his life.

He’s now back at his family’s Nordsvan Drive home after five days at the vet to treat a broken jaw and collapsed eye socket.

His owner, Joe, said the attack happened on the night of January 6 when a storm blew open the back door and the cat got out.

He woke to the noise of Timmy being mauled on their front lawn and ran outside to scare off the two dogs.

One dog ran away while the other started to wander off with Timmy in its mouth.

“At that point I thought Timmy was dead,” Joe said.

“I raced towards the dog, it dropped him and then Timmy ran down a drain.”

Joe stayed up waiting for Timmy to come home, but it wasn’t until the next morning that the cat limped up the driveway.

The family had seen the dogs roaming in the street before and described them as a tan and white pitbull-type dog and a red-tan American Staffordshire Terrier.

The description is similar to that of the dogs that killed Leonie Staein’s cat, Boots, in McFarland Road last month.

The family has since reported the incident to a Wodonga Council ranger, but compliance team leader Craig McClanahan said the investigation had stalled because they didn’t know where the dogs had come from.

He said they investigated a suspected address and found no dogs there, nor registered to the address.

But Mr McClanahan said the incident served as a reminder dog owners should always have control of their animals, or have them secured in their property, while cat owners should remember there is a cat curfew between 7pm and 7am.

He said the council took dog attacks seriously, though prosecutions demanded the same burden of proof as a criminal case.

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