Shark in Wodonga

WODONGA’S newest resident has landed with a splash.

Kerny, a female Port Jackson shark, has been welcomed with unusual enthusiasm at the Scales Aquarium and Reptile pet shop in South Street.

GALLERY: Scroll through the images above for all of John Russell's stunning photos of Wodonga's new shark.

Co-owner David Castley said yesterday Kerny had created great interest.

“We’ve never really had a shark with a dorsal fin — no pet shop in Albury-Wodonga has,” he said.

“The general consensus is that this is the coolest thing.

“She’s popular with everyone.”

Kerny is just under a year old and measures 40 centimetres long, but fully grown she will be 1.6 metres long and could live up to 20 years.

“Port Jackson sharks aren’t seen that often in this trade — they aren’t too common,” Mr Castley said.

Mr Castley said Kerny has personality even if she is as “dumb as a bag of hammers”.

“Sharks capture people’s imaginations,” he said.

Kerny was bought from a wholesaler in Melbourne and now shares a tank with Old Gregg, a small tropical fish of a species termed “walking shark”.

“Kerny is different because she has a real sharky dorsal fin, a la Jaws style,” he said.

She’s priced at $500.

“She grabs on to my hand and tries to death roll which makes most people laugh,” he said.

“They’re unique and interesting animals.”

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