New video discovered in Falls Creek fatal

VIDEO footage found at the scene of a fatal motorcycle crash at Falls Creek last week has shown the presence of another car in the area.

An Omeo woman, 48, was interviewed on Monday by detectives from Victoria Police’s major collision investigation unit, who are now leading the investigation into the death of Goorambat man, Mark Ilsley, 52.

Police said no charges had been laid.

Mr Ilsley was killed last Wednesday morning when his 600cc Suzuki GSXR sports bike left the Bogong High Plains Road and crashed down a 25-metre embankment, about two kilometres down the mountain from Falls Creek.

At the time police believed there were two witnesses: a Lavington couple in a car coming up the mountain who saw a flash of blue of the motorcycle going over the edge of the embankment and a cloud of dust.

They waved down Falls Creek resort staff member who phoned emergency services and administered CPR.

MCIU detective Leading Sen-Constable Shane Miles said members of Mr Ilsley’s family later told police a camera, which was not initially found, was attached to the rear of his motorcycle.

Sen-Constable Miles said it was likely the camera had been attached to the motorcycle so Mr Ilsley could check his riding style.

Police searched the area again and recovered the camera, which had fallen off the motorcycle.

Sen-Constable Miles said footage from the camera revealed “the presence of another vehicle”.

“Effectively it looked like it was just a motorcycle coming off the edge,” he said.

“It (video footage) has given us the discovery of another vehicle in the vicinity shortly before the rider left the road.”

He said there was no collision between the vehicle and the motorcycle.

“It’s just the presence of the other vehicle ... She (the driver) may be able to assist us with what happened.”

MCIU detectives examined the scene of the crash on Tuesday.

Sen-Constable Miles said detectives found a tyre mark on the road from the motorcycle as it crossed the edge of an embankment.

He said they took photos, videos and measurements, noting traffic flow, weather and road conditions that will be used to create a reconstruction of the incident.

Police said any information would be passed on to an MCIU inspector who would decide how the investigation would proceed.

Mr Ilsley was wearing full bike leathers and a helmet.

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