Albury High graduate wins world's biggest short film festival

See the winning film here

FORMER Albury High School student Nicholas Clifford has won the world's biggest short film festival.

The filmmaker accepted first prize – the coveted Tropfest fruit bowl trophy – from Hollywood actor Sam Worthington.

"I get grief that I look like him sometimes, so this is going to give everyone a bit more ammunition to throw at me. But what a guy," he said. 

"He's got this really cool attitude about how it's the journey, not the destination."

On that journey, Clifford will be taking with him prizes including $10,000 cash, a Toyota car and a trip to Los Angeles.

Clifford's short film "We've All Been There" follows three different characters -  a stranded traveller, a struggling waitress and a man in need of some luck.

The former Border resident and his school mate Charlie Sarraff established the business Truce Films in Melbourne several years ago.