Another idiot driver nabbed at roadblock

POLICE casting a wide net caught a bare-chested driver who blew more than four times the legal blood-alcohol limit yesterday afternoon.

Wodonga and Wang­aratta police set up a roadblock on the Lincoln Causeway from about 2pm and into the early evening.

Police monitored cars on the Albury side of the Union Bridge and radioed officers at Gateway Island who were waving cars into the service lane. 

Sgt Cameron Roberts, of Wodonga highway patrol, said police were casting a “wide net” to catch both traffic and crime


“We don’t care what it is, it’s about being as effective as we can,” he said.

“We don’t want to be too narrow-focused.”

Police tested for drink- and drug-driving, checked car registrations and had police watching for other offences.

Sgt Roberts said it was often the type of vehicle or the way a person behaved that gave officers cause to wave them in to be tested for drink- or drug-driving.

About 3pm, they pulled over an old Ford station wagon with a man with a bare chest and wearing tracksuit pants was behind the wheel. 

The results from the initial breath test raised concern and the man stepped out of the car, unsteady on his feet.

He was taken back to the Wodonga police station where another breath test returned a reading of .232 per cent, more than four times the legal blood- alcohol limit.

Sgt Roberts said it was such drivers police were trying to get off the road.

“There’s a risk to everyone else,” he said.

“Some idiots really do stack the decks against themselves and others.”

An automatic number plate recognition camera was scanning cars and within seconds it tells police if a particular car is unregistered. 

The officer behind the camera then notifies the roadblock.

Getting picked up driving an unregistered car can attract a $704 fine.

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