It’s time to stop the hoons

EASTERN View Estate residents say speed humps or increased police patrols could deter hoons from treating Mun-gabareena Road like a freeway.

The suggestions come after Chris Peachey, of Jindera, was killed after slamming into a tree early Sunday morning, although police have not yet cited speed as a cause of the crash.

Yesterday residents said they were sick and tired of the road being used as a drag strip.

“You hear them every weekend, screeching tyres and loud engines roaring along,” resident Tony Clohesy said.

“They could put in some speed humps before the bends, which would slow them down.”

Another resident, Lay Phommachanh, suggested more police patrolling the area.

“My concern is the walkers and people who jog along the road in the afternoon and mornings, there are cars that fly down that road,” he said.

The Border Mail witnessed a speeding car while talking to two joggers on the side of the road.

“It’s mostly the bends that worry me because cars can come flying around the corner and not see you,” runner Caleb Love said.

Eastern View Estate resident and policeman Kevin Mack said he had been out to Mungabareena on many occasions to witness drivers doing the wrong thing.

However, he believes speed humps and more police patrols were not the answer.

“Speed humps aren’t cheap and these people doing the wrong thing see it as a challenge, using them as ski jumps,” he said.

“It’s difficult to police and police resources are already stretched.”

Mr Mack said education could be the answer.

“It’s about changing the behaviour and making young people understand they are playing with their lives,” he said.

“At the end of the day someone gets hurt and, unfortunately, the man who was hurt the other day isn’t here to tell the story.”

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