Daniel Johns gets on board as Qantas replaces iconic I Still Call Australia Home anthem

Qantas has replaced its long-running I Still Call Australia Home advertising soundtrack for music from Silverchair's Daniel Johns.

The Australian airline said the new work by Johns, titled Atlas, will air with a television commercial that "takes the viewer on an aerial tour canvassing scenes of Australians going about their everyday activities and ends with a portrait of the faces, supporting the narrative 'Australians fly for many different reasons, we fly for one, you're the reason we fly"'.

Johns said in a statement released by Qantas that he agreed to pen his first commercial work as he was "really into the idea of creating a piece of music that represented Australia".

"I wanted it to sound big, something special. It was a conscious effort to create a good piece of music and not just a jingle. I've also wanted to work with the Australian Chamber Orchestra for a long time now so it was great to finally be able to do that."

Qantas unveiled a new advertising campaign at the beginning of the month. It had a strong social media focus and gave Australians the opportunity to have their name emblazoned on the side of two new planes.

The airline's executive manager of marketing, Lewis Pullen, said then that the "I Still Call Australia Home" soundtrack, which he dubbed a "quasi-national anthem", would still be used for special events such as the Olympics.

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