'We need speed police, not cameras'

MORE frontline NSW police highway patrol officers are needed to target speeding drivers, says shadow roads minister Ryan Park.

The Labor MP said the government should stop putting so much priority on mobile and fixed speed cameras and more emphasis on police patrols.

His comments come after new government figures show the number of police-issued infringement notices for speeding has fallen, but mobile and fixed camera infringements have increased.

Mr Park said the number of infringements issued by police in October fell from 17,556 in September to 12,687.

In the same period, revenue raised from fixed digital speed cameras rose by more than $1 million.

“The government’s own figures show there are more fixed speed camera infringements issued than police issued infringement notices for speeding,” he said.

“All of the research indicates the best way to improve driver behaviour is through a strong frontline police presence and enforcement.

“While speed cameras have a role to play on our roads, it is concerning that we are now seeing such a significant increase in these infringement notices compared to the notices issued by highway patrol officers.”

Mr Park said the government will spend $58 million on rolling out new mobile speed cameras, which will raise a lot of money.

“No one is condoning speeding and drivers need to take responsibility for their actions,” he said.

“But the government needs to ensure taxpayers’ money is being spent on improving road safety and not just to boost the budget bottom line.”

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