Cod playing game from day 1

G’DAY fishos.

It’s game on again!

Looks like the cod are co-operating and there’s no shortage of fishos wanting to have a crack at them.

It doesn’t seem to matter who you talked to from last Sunday on, just about everyone had a “big one that got away” story or a photo of a decent one that didn’t.

I haven’t heard of too many monsters but it seems most people caught a fish or two.

Disecting it a little — Mulwala seemed to be OK but the main part of the lake was pretty uncomfortable because of wind.

Quite a few people dodged it a bit by heading to the top end among the islands and further up into the Ovens and Murray Rivers where reasonable numbers were reported. Both baits and lures worked well.

Imray Covaks and his wife picked up five on custom crafted hammerheads with the biggest being 650 millimetres.

We’ve had good reports from the Murray from Mulwala right through to Albury, although the closer to Albury the thinner the reports.

The now Kremer Street boat ramp copped a bit of a workout with parking at a premium.

The ramp at Mungabareena Reserve also got heaps of pressure.

I don’t think there were to many snags that didn’t get a visit or two so maybe the boat pressure didn’t help.

The Kiewa, Ovens and King Rivers all produced fish but I must admit I haven’t spoken to anyone who’s tried the Mitta as yet.

Your fortunes in the Upper Murray are often determined by river height and the fishing gods must have been smiling on those who made the pilgrimage to Dora Dora and beyond last Sunday.

Spinnerbaits in particular worked well with just about everyone I’ve spoken to, reporting good catches of good quality fish.

There were a few good fish picked up on bardies, yabbies and scrubbies too.

Blowering produced a few nice cod too.

One big advantage at Blowering is the clear water and it’s not uncommon to sight fish before casting to them.

Last weekend was no exception with a number of reports of good cod and yellas being picked up after being spotted.

Trolling hardbodies and spinnerbaits also worked well, but it’s be hard to beat that sight fishing action.

The reddies still haven’t shown up in any numbers but don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as they do!

A few good reddies showed up at Burrinjuck though.

There were a few Albury locals up that way last weekend and one crew picked up 70 or so good reddies as well as 10 cod, two of which were legals.

Casting jackles was their favoured technique.

The highlight for another local crew was a cod that went 1.1 metres — now that’s a serious fish. Eildon was the destination for another Albury crew who landed around 60 cod over a four day trip.

Lots of these were small fish with only two making the 600 millimetre cut-off point.

It still goes to show a very healthy fishery in the making.

Fisheries have stocked more than one million cod in Eildon, so I’m sure the best is yet to come.

It would be fantastic to add a million cod to Lake Hume although a million cod would eat a lot of redfin.

I know we’re not supposed to like reddies but they’re still the most sought after table fish in the area.

Talking of reddies, Kel Smith, son Sam and brother-in-law John, picked up 40 nice ones last Sunday. They were mainly picked up on yabbies at a tree just north of Bethanga Bridge — you know the one, it’s got branches on it with no leaves and it’s just near them other dead trees!!

While not local, another catch or two worth mentioning was made by Steve Wilson and Mark Burr. Brett Wilson, Steve’s brother, rang to tell me Steve had caught a 90 centimetre and a 1.130 metre jewfish at Mallacoota a week or so back.

Catch ya next week.

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