Youth crime breaches suspension

A WODONGA youth had paid the price for a couple of break and enter offences which breached a suspended sentence in NSW, an Albury court was told yesterday.

The youth, 16, was put on a 12-month suspended control order in Albury Children’s Court on a dangerous driving charge which involved trying to ram a police vehicle as he escaped in a stolen car.

The order was imposed on March 19, but just two months later the youth committed the burglaries and retained his liberty when sentenced in Wodonga Children’s Court on June 1.

Breach proceedings were initiated in NSW and the youth fronted Albury magistrate Tony Murray yesterday.

Mr Murray said the youth made bad choices after consuming alcohol.

“Quite clearly you are too young to be drinking,” he said.

Mr Murray said unless exceptional circumstances could be shown the sentence had to be imposed.

The youth received a 12-month control order without conviction, with a minimum term of three months expiring on March 8.

The court had been told a police vehicle went to Boronia Street at North Albury on August 30 last year after officers received a radio message.

They saw a silver Hyundai sedan with Victorian registration parked with its lights off.

When the police car was about 50 metres away, the youth sped off without switching on the vehicle’s lights.

He made the mistake of driving into a cul-de-sac and the police activated the warning devices on their vehicle.

The youth drove over a gutter and straight at the police vehicle with the officer driving having to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision.

His middle finger was sticking up and the youth had a grin on his face, but police got a clear view of him and two others in the car.

They turned off their warning devices and pulled over because it was clear the youth would not stop.

A short time later, officers received a radio message about an accident in Union Road. They found the car had smashed into a brick fence and saw the three youths walking near Jelbart Park.

The driver was arrested, admitted trying to ram the police car and said his vehicle was stolen from Wodonga.

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