Pay TV fault upsets viewing of the Ashes

A FAULT with pay television boxes needing to be re-tuned has left television viewers from Wangaratta to Holbrook unable to access WIN, GEM and GO through their pay television box for six days.

Foxtel spokesperson Jessica Collins said the problem arose due to the switching off of analog channels.

“The government has restacked the free-to-air channels which has caused the need for boxes to be re-tuned,” she said.

ABX Electronics Antennas owner Zane Berry said he received more than 70 calls from customers who could not access channels.

He said his phone went berserk mainly with people who were missing out on the second Test of The Ashes series.

“It has nothing to do with free-to-air signals so we can identify there are problems with Foxtel HD,” Mr Berry said.

“It’s out of my hands and everybody from Wangaratta to Holbrook are having problems with boxes that won’t tune to the transmitter.

“There were a few who were upset about their cricket.”

Mr Berry said some people with the boxes relied on them the access the channels.

Wodonga Foxtel customer Jane Mulkearns said she was unaware of what the problem was and phoned Mr Berry to repair it.

“He couldn’t do anything and so I was frustrated it cost me money to get the technician here to find out it was a fault with Foxtel,” she said.

“It would be nice if they let us know when there’s a problem like this so you don’t have to waste your money.”

Ms Mulkearns said she could not access the channels she wanted to watch, particularly over the weekend.

Hi-Tech Antennas owner Brian Crichton said he also received a number of calls about the problem.

“I knew straight away it was something we couldn’t help them with,” he said. “There have been a couple of people upset about it.”

Ms Collins said Foxtel were working to re-tune the boxes and the problem is expected to be resolved today.

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