Police keen to talk to ‘standover man’

WODONGA detectives are searching for a rat-tailed, thick-necked “standover” man they believe is responsible for causing permanent facial injuries to a man in an extortion attempt.

Detective Leading Sen-Constable Andrew Leonard said the man, 46, found a stranger standing at his front gate on the night of Thursday, November 21 when he returned home to his Murray Valley Highway property at Huon.

The man, who had his female partner in the passenger seat beside him, stopped to speak to the stranger.

The stranger, a stocky man covered in tattoos, punched the man through his open car window several times and made threats and demanded property.

“It caused significant and permanent facial injuries to the victim’s face,” Sen-Constable Leonard said.

The victim then drove up his driveway with the stranger walking alongside the driver’s window and continued to make threats such as telling him he would return to further assault him and damage his home.

The attacker then left the property in a dark blue 2008 Holden Commodore station wagon.

Sen-Constable Leonard said the two were not known to each other, but police believe the attacker was acting as a “standover” man for another person to obtain property from the victim.

“The offender’s actions may be as a result of interaction between the victim and another person,” Sen-Constable Leonard said.

“It’s totally unprovoked and we’re treating it as a serious assault and extortion as well. I’m of the belief he went there purely to assault and threaten the victim.”

Detectives yesterday released a computer-generated image of a person they believe looks like the attacker.

The man is covered in distinctive tattoos on his neck and both arms.

He also has a rats-tail — a plaited piece of hair — running from half-way up the back of his head and down his neck.

The man is described as stocky with a thick neck.

Sen-Constable Leonard asked anyone who recognises the man to come forward to police.

They can phone the police on (02) 6049 2600.

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