Rudolph has been fleeced!

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SANTA has rested Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in favour of Cameron the pink-nosed ram.

He reckoned Rudolph was no match for Australian conditions and would often lag on the Down Under leg of his Christmas tour.

So to ensure children on the Border get their presents before they wake up tomorrow, it’ll be Cameron who guides his sleigh tonight.

“Across the world Santa has reindeer but here in Australia we have a ram,” Santa said.

“Cameron handles the warm Australian conditions so much better than Rudolph.”

Poor old Santa was struggling with the hot weather in his suit as he posed near Wodonga for photos introducing his recruit.

“If we have a cooler weather Christmas Eve, Cameron and I will be able to make it across Australia,” Santa said.

He said he was gearing up for a busy night on the Border this year, needing to visit every house where the children had been well behaved.

“This time of year there seems to be a lack of naughty kids — they all say they have all been good all of the time,” he said. 

“I have been surprised at the amount of iPad requests.

“But I do appreciate the change from asking for swimming pools and horses.

“They were always a challenge to get down the chimney.”

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