Border stores ready for Boxing Day shoppers

IT has been the biggest day of the year for retailers in the past and today’s Boxing Day is expected to be no different.

Every year people set their alarms early to gather outside department stores and shops ready to wrestle over bargains.

Albury Myer store manager Alvar Poulton said he would not be surprised if this year’s sale trumped the last.

“There has been a lot of consumer confidence and sentiment,” he said.

“It seems like this has really been the first year people have been looking for that perfect gift.

“Customers have been happy while they have been shopping which makes them more inclined to shop regularly.”

Mr Poulton said he was excited for the sale because of the attitude of customers at this time of year.

“Christmas and the new year is a great time for families and I get that feel just talking to the customers,” he said.

He did, however, say it was one of the longest days of the year with trading starting at 7am.

Albury Target store manager Rohan Kuiper said there was always a “buzz” on Boxing Day.

“Some people like the atmosphere and others just like the crowds,” he said.

“Others just love a bargain and take the opportunity to prepare for the coming year.”

Mr Kuiper said thousands of customers would pass through the doors throughout the day after they opened at 9am.

“We’ve actually had a lot of customers inquiring about the sales already and it has certainly been busier this year from what I can gauge,” he said.

Mr Kuiper and Mr Poulton said homewares would be the top seller this year, with more than 250,000 pillows and 500,000 towels predicted to be bought from Target stores.

“I’m very confident about Boxing Day this year and I am looking forward to it,” Mr Kuiper said.

Both stores said putting more staff on the shop floor helped to deal with the expected crowds.

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