Cops ready for New Year’s Eve

POLICE will be out in full force on the Border this New Year’s Eve.

Albury and Wodonga will each have extra patrols on duty.

In Albury, Insp David Cottee said people had so far been generally well-behaved over the holiday period.

On New Year’s Eve, police would be targeting licensed venues as well as maintaining their strong presence on the roads.

He encouraged party-goers to have a “plan B”, especially when it came to heading home at the end of the night.

“Public transport can be an issue, so we suggest people have a person who might act as driver — even if it’s calling mum,” he said.

Insp Cottee said New Year’s Eve was typically a busy night in and around the city.

He asked people to exercise a little care for those around them.

“Generally people are in a good mood and behave with sensibility,” he said.

“But unfortunately when you have alcohol involved it doesn’t take much for a volatile incident to take off.

“We’re not the fun police.

“We want people to have a good time, but just be a bit thoughtful about everyone else’s good time, too.

“You want to start the New Year off in a good way.”

Wodonga Sgt Dave Arnold echoed Insp Cottee’s sentiments, though he anticipated most people south of the Border would be at private parties.

Sgt Arnold called on people to register their parties with Victoria Police through Party-Safe, and not to advertise them on social media.

“You don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry coming and spoiling the party,” he said.

“Personally I’ve always found close friends are the ones you want to associate with at this time of year, anyway, not ring-ins off the street.”

He asked party-goers to look after each other when it came to how much they drank or got home, and to have some consideration for their neighbours.

“Believe it or not, there will be people who have to go to work the next day,” he said.

“We understand people are entitled to celebrate.

“But they also need to be aware of the amenity of the area and the impact they’re having.”

Both officers reminded drivers that police would also continue their ongoing high-visibility road operations.

“If you want to take that risk (on the road), you will come to our attention,” Sgt Arnold said.

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