Delights of the day after NYE

THE grassy banks of Albury’s Noreuil Park were the perfect place to relax for those recovering from New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Some were nursing a hangover yesterday while others spent the start of the new year enjoying a picnic by the water.

Jindera’s Michelle Donoghue said she had a quiet night at home with her two children while her husband had worked.

“There was no point staying up because the kids still get up at 6 o’clock,” she said.

So the real celebration was yesterday, by the river.

A nearby Melbourne family, taking in the picturesque scenery, were still talking about the spectacular fireworks at the New Year’s Eve Albury Harness Club’s meeting.

“We have seen bigger fireworks in Sydney but, I tell you, these were spectacular,” Lina Iacono said.

“We felt like they were going to fall on us, we were that close.

“They were above us and it was amazing.”

Her daughter, Lara, was a “bit tired” after getting home from the races at 1am.

“It was a good night and I am now looking forward to skiing on the lake this afternoon,” she said.

The family had a picnic at Noreuil but were hoping to head to Lake Hume if the sun stayed out and it didn’t look like rain.

Albury’s Justine Parer and Penny Wilson also enjoyed a picnic.

“It’s nice to have the day off and relax like this,” Ms Wilson said.

“I might even have a nap.”

The Baranduda mum, who took in the Wodonga fireworks at Birallee Park, said the display had been “terrific”.

“The finale was great, it went off with a loud bang,” she said.

As for a New Year’s resolution, Ms Wilson promised to organise her house after moving in recently.

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