Can you help restock the pantry?

ST Matthew’s Crisis Care in Albury has the same problem as Old Mother Hubbard — the pantry is bare.

Donations of non-perishable food to feed Albury’s homeless are in short supply after a busy Christmas, leaving the service struggling.

“This cupboard was full before Christmas,” Archdeacon Peter MacLeod-Miller said.

“It hurts to see it looking so bare.”

The empty cupboard prompted Father MacLeod-Miller to point out that goodwill wasn’t seasonal.

“Goodwill should happen all year round, not just at Christmas,” he said.

“A lot of agencies are still closed, so we are needed more than ever.”

St Matthew’s is also short of sleeping bags, T-shirts and money.

“It’s not cold at the moment but those sleeping rough need something soft to sleep in,” he said.

“Sleeping bags are more useful than swags and easier to carry.”

Father MacLeod-Miller said the holiday season was tough on the homeless and those with mental health issues.

“Many head off on a plane or to the beach, but the homeless don’t get these opportunities,” he said.

“They are finding sanctuary in St Matthew’s garden.”

One man taking refuge at St Matthew’s, who didn’t want to be named, said the thing he missed the most was a place to have a regular shower and a shave.

Father MacLeod-Miller said St Matthew’s was raising money to install a shower.

The service last year raised $40,000 of assistance — more than $10,000 with a monster garage sale of donated items.

Another monster sale is planned for next month — February 1 — at Adamshurst from 8am to noon.

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