Drivers too fast, careless on Anzac Parade

A BANDIANA couple have called for the speed limit to be reduced along Anzac Parade, saying drivers were so careless they could kill.

They said an incident on Friday in which a Country Fire Authority truck had rolled at the Anzac Parade-Summit Drive roundabout while on its way to a Wodonga house had brought home to them just how dangerous the roundabout could be at speed.

Sheridan Waite and her partner Jeremy Simon, who live in Kenneth Watson Drive and use the roundabout most days, said the city’s council should consider lowering the speed limit from 80 to 60km/h.

They said they see near-misses at the roundabout several times a week.

“The traffic that goes through this roundabout is crazy,” Ms Waite said yesterday.

“People don’t slow down — they fail to see you and do not give way.

“There has been many times when I have been in a near-miss, had to slam on my brakes.

“I have seen a family nearly get hit.”

Mr Simon said no one respected the roundabout and it was only a matter of time before someone was seriously injured.

“Hopefully, there’s no kids in the back when a car is hit,” Mr Simon said.

A neighbour, Scott Vincent, agreed.

“Every time I go to work, you get to that roundabout and you think they’re not going to stop,” Mr Vincent said.

He, too, wanted the speed limit lowered.

Wodonga highway patrol’s acting Sgt Mal Burdett said the fire-truck crash was the only crash at the roundabout that had resulted in injuries in a year.

But that didn’t mean there hadn’t been unreported incidents in which no one was injured.

Sgt Burdett said he would raise the issue with the Council and VicRoads at their regular meeting.

“We want people to be aware of their surrounds and take responsibility,” he said. “We’re always calling for people to watch out for themselves and others.”

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