Joy and disappointment for students

FOR some year 12 leavers, yesterday’s release of university offers was a time to celebrate, but for others it was a time of disappointment.

Identical twins Jake and Harry Macpherson-Wood have stuck by each other’s side during their whole schooling life.

They have been in the same class since kindergarten and were excited about the prospect of continuing onto university together.

Having always opted for the same electives throughout high school, it was no surprise they both applied for the same course, a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) at RMIT.

But when the Catholic College Wodonga students logged on at 2pm yesterday to receive their tertiary offers, Harry was disappointed to find he had been accepted into a civil engineering course in Bendigo instead.

“I won’t accept it,” he said.

“There’ll be other ways to get to RMIT.”

The twins are both taking a gap year this year and still have plans to move away from home together.

“Separating is not really an option,” Harry said.

“Studying together will be good, it’s normal to us and we don’t know anything else.”

His brother Jake said they would not consider going to university without each other.

Their classmates Mitchell Peacock, Alana Cartner, Sam Cresser and Max Jasinowicz were all happy with their results and were relieved to rid themselves of the final stress of their year 12 studies.

“We feel a lot of self-fulfilment,” Max said.

“We’ve been through the education system most of our lives, but now we can take it with our own two hands and make the decision about what we do.”

Sam said waiting was a nervy experience.

“You just can’t judge what the outcome will be,” he said.

“You can go hard all year but make one mistake in your end of year exams and it could all come crashing down.”

Catholic College Wodonga careers advisor Sandie McKoy said while the students were relieved, she couldn’t rest.

“There are still three rounds of offers to go,” she said.

“My relief won’t come until late February, early March.”

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