The unsung heroes really do save lives

SUPERHEROES take on many shapes and forms — a delivery boy working in New York or even people cleaning windows in the Big Apple.

Mexican immigrants, dressed as superheroes, feature in the Albury Library Museum’s latest photography exhibition that opened yesterday.

Twenty works by photographer Dulce Pinzon pay homage to Mexican immigrants working in New York and remitting money to families.

Albury visual arts co-ordinator Bianca Acimovic said while we had the notion of a superhero, “in actual fact, everyone is a superhero”.

“You don’t have to save someone from a burning house to be a hero, you can help an old person across the road or give a dollar to a needy man,” she said.

“These immigrants working to send money to their families are an example of the hero who has gone unnoticed.”

Ms Acimovic said Mexican families often relied on the money sent to them.

“People work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for very low wages,” she said.

“They save at great cost and sacrifice and send money to families in Mexico.”

Labels on the photographs include the worker’s name and hometown and the amount of money sent to their families each week.

The Real Story of Superheroes is a free exhibition until March 23.

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