Luxury all the way, down to beer and snags

THESE boys don’t lack imagination or ambition when it comes to floating down the Murray River on Australia Day.

Forget the usual tyre for the Mungabareena to Noreuil Park trip.

They have a fully fledged floating picnic, including a table and umbrella with a Lazy Susan to boot.

And it took Albury welder Joshua Hogg, 29, and his work mates only half a day to build the 75-kilogram table for eight, so they can ride the river in style.

“One year we thought we should make a floating picnic table,” Mr Hogg’s friend and motor mechanic, Chris Allred, 28, said.

“This year, we were finally all together so we did it.”

To complete the picture, they will float a couple of Eskys behind, to haul the beer and a gas barbecue they will need for a picnic on an island stop.

“It’d be un-Australian to not have a sausage and bread on Australia Day,” welder Steve Campbell, 34, said.

And yes, about that Lazy Susan. Six plastic beer coasters and plates for dips and biscuits are screwed into their turntable.

And what to do when jealous fellow floaters try boarding? — “That’s why we have paddles,” Mr Campbell said.

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