Top honour for Albury ambo student

AN Albury paramedic intern whose life has been changed by the job has received Charles Sturt University’s highest honour for an undergraduate student.

Angie Bulic, 25, was awarded the 2013 University Medal for academic achievement in her Bachelor of Clinical Practice degree.

“I could be treating someone’s mum, someone’s sister and I would want to know everything that I could,” Ms Bulic said yesterday.

“I tried to do everything I could and get the most out of my certificate.”

The Sydneysider moved to Albury in April last year to undertake her 12-month internship before she sits her qualifying exam in three months.

She said the Albury station was at the top of her list to work at when she’s fully qualified.

“It’s a beautiful location, the town is lovely and you’ve got a pretty good workload,” she said.

“And the people that make up the station are lovely.

“It’s a very popular station so I’d be very, very lucky to get it.”

She said her work in Albury had cemented the desire she had to become a paramedic after undertaking a first-aid course when she was working as a manager at a Gloria Jeans outlet.

“You meet someone and they’re having the worst time of their life and you get to be there for them,” she said.

“You get to take time to hear their stories and you’re amazed at the things people have experienced or done in their lifetime.”

One young Border man she treated changed her life perspective, she said.

“He was roughly my age, he didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, contributed to society and was a lovely man who just got a diagnosis of cancer and had three months to live,” she said.

“That stuck with me and changed the way I viewed my own life ... I started making decisions for myself based on the idea that if I was him, what would I regret not doing?”

And what about coffee? Ms Bulic agreed her coffee-making skills had made her popular at the station.

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