AUSTRALIA DAY: It’s a big win for lost cats and dogs

A COUPLE of barks from a dog greeted the announcement of Wodonga’s community organisation of the year award.

The noises proved apt with Wodonga Dog Rescue having received the honour.

The organisation’s president, Jim Toole, hopes the prize lifts the profile of Wodonga Dog Rescue, which opened for business three years ago.

“This will probably bring it into the public eye a bit more,” Mr Toole said.

“That’s the biggest thing because a lot of people don’t even know we exist.”

The group’s treasurer Peta McRae said: “Because there is an Albury-Wodonga Animal Rescue and Wodonga Dog Rescue, they think that we’re all the same, but we’re not.”

Wodonga Dog Rescue works with the Wodonga Council’s pound to find homes for dogs and cats.

Mr Toole said the rescue team saved more than 300 dogs a year from being euthanised and the pound had gone from having 90 per cent of dogs put down to 90 per cent rehoused.

The number of cats being euthanised had gone from 100 per cent to 80 per cent rehoused.

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