Warehouse Sales delay too long, says customer

FRUSTRATED Warehouse Sales customers are still waiting for answers about the goods they had on lay-by when the company went into liquidation and closed its Wodonga store.

Dave Charlton and his wife Muriel were planning to build a house and had hoped to purchase $2639 worth of goods for the kitchen.

They decided to lay-by the items so by the time they had paid it off, the house would be complete.

Mr Charlton said they had so far paid $490 on the lay-by and were in limbo waiting for an answer about whether they would receive the goods or a refund.

“It’s frustrating and we are over waiting,” he said.

“My wife did her homework and we picked those specific goods and we want them.

“I’m happy to pay it off right now.”

Without notice, Warehouse Sales closed its stores across Victoria in October and went into external administration under the direction of financial services company KPMG.

Despite attempts to contact various representatives, KPMG did not respond to The Border Mail’s inquiries yesterday.

But KPMG partner and co-administrator of Warehouse Sales Damian Templeton told The Border Mail in previous reports that he expected it would take several months before KPMG had answers as to what process would be followed.

Mr Charlton believed customers deserved some action to be taken, or at the very least some questions answered.

“I don’t doubt it’s a process but it doesn’t make it an easier pill to swallow,” he said.

Mr Charlton said KPMG had sent an individualised letter in November to all customers who had an incomplete order.

“We were requested to state whether we wanted a refund or our goods,” he said.

“My understanding is that not everybody responded and that is why no more action has been taken.”

Mr Charlton said the company had informed him they were continuing negotiations.

“I’m happy to make a noise about it because I want my goods,” he said.

“I just want some clarity.”

Chiltern resident Glenda Charlton, who had a refrigerator on order when the store was closed, said she had been reimbursed and has since bought another fridge.

“I’ve heard of other people having spent $5000, so our $1600 didn’t seem too much,” Mrs Charlton said.

“The parents of a girl I work with were getting an oven and cooktop worth $5000.

The shop is set to be reopened in April as a Bing Lee store.

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