Karma could catch up with thieves

THE owner of a new Balinese day spa in Lavington says karma will catch up with thieves who stole from her business on the eve of its opening.

Michelle Jackson was disappointed and angry after a water feature and ornaments were stolen from the premises’ front garden on Griffith Road.

Mrs Jackson, from La De Da Beauty Works, said it was obvious the thieves didn’t know about karma.

“The worst thing you can possibly do is touch, hurt or steal someone’s Buddha and they’ve taken seven so I believe karma will get them,” she said.

Six Buddha solar lights were snatched, along with a large sandstone water feature.

Mrs Jackson valued the stolen items at about $1000 to replace.

However, she said the water feature also had sentimental value for her.

It had been a gift from Mrs Jackson’s mother to congratulate her on opening her own business.

“This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m hit before I’m even open,” she said.

“I now fear they are going to come back and it’s not only the $1000, because I’ll now need 

to pay for extra security.”

Mrs Jackson believed the culprits had broken through the padlocked hired fence.

She pointed to drag marks leading out of the yard as the route they took as they left. 

“I’ve been working on this business for seven and a half months and it took one night for them to crush my dreams,” she said.

“I’m behind before I’ve even started and they have destroyed something we put so much effort into.

“Next time they’re in the yard they can look up and smile because the cameras will catch them.”

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