Coen Ashton has plenty of puff for river jaunt

COEN Ashton was determined to make something that seemed impossible, possible.

That is why he just completed a 2000-kilometre journey up the Murray River on his jet ski for the second time.

Coen, 16, first completed the ride from Goolwa to Muwala in 2011 and it took him seven weeks.

Yesterday, he cruised into Mulwala and this time it was different.

He did the tough physical and mental journey in seven days — thanks to a new set of lungs.

Coen, who was born with cystic fibrosis, received a transplant more than a year ago.

“If a donor family didn’t say yes to me, I wouldn’t be here right now,” a grateful Coen said.

The idea of raising awareness about the need for organ donation has been his motivation for the trip.

Only a small percentage of lungs from those who die are suitable for donation.

“It’s really important to chat with your family because they give the final OK,” Coen said.

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