Q&A: Consistency key to better season for Albury

BRETT KOHLHAGEN: Last week Wodonga Raiders captain Chris Beard gave his team a one or two out of 10 for on-field performances, what would you give Albury?

JERIM HAYES: It’s depends on which week we are talking about. The way we have played against Wodonga and Belvoir the last few weeks would be an eight but our performance against St Patrick’s when he capitulated would be a two or three.

BK: Why is your best very good and bad very bad?

JH: Good question. It just comes down to consistency. We have had all ends of it. I would say our bowling attack is in the best four in the competition but our batting isn’t consistent enough. We have had a lot of collapses and that hurt us.

BK: Why have you played so well against Wodonga?

JH: It’s funny how our four wins have been against the Wodonga sides. I think we have just turned up to play and we need to do this more often. The bottom line is that Wodonga is playing finals and we aren’t.

BK: Will Dan Dixon and yourself be captain and coach next year?

JH: We will be. The club needs continuity and I’m really excited about next season. Dan has really grown into the role and come up with some great plans.

BK: It must have been a frustrating year for a first-year coach?

JH: It has been, but after our win against Wodonga I told the boys that this needs to be the standard. We can’t afford to turn in shocking performances. It’s no longer accepted if we want to be respected.

BK: That has been an ongoing problem hasn’t it?

JH: I think it’s time for Albury to rise up. We have been the laughing stock for too long now.

BK: How good has Kade Brown been?

JH: He’s a ripper. He just gets it. He understands what it takes to win. He’s made about 350 runs and is still disappointed because he wanted to make a few more.

BK: What does Albury need to do to play finals next season?

JH: It gets back to consistency. We need to be ready early in the season and hit the ground running. We need to be making 200 to 220 each week instead of 140 to 160. You don’t have much chance of defending those scores.

BK: Most of the strong clubs have good junior set-ups. How is Albury travelling?

JH: Much better than three or four years ago. Cam Walker and Wayne Good have done a lot of work and junior programs are in place. We have kids coming through, but they are a few years away from first grade.

BK: If you could pick one batsman and bowler from another side who would they be?

JH: Robbie Jackson has made 900 runs so you would have to pick him. The bowling is tough as I think we have a good attack, but Mark Butters would be handy.

BK: Who is your money on for this year’s flag?

JH: I genuinely think four teams can win it — Tallangatta, Wod-onga, East and St Patrick’s. It will come to whoever puts it together on the day. I’ll say St Pat’s because they bat really deep with Nick Flood at 9 and Heath Naughton at 10.

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