‘The lucky dog’ living high life of retirement

VETS dubbed Lilly “the lucky dog” when she survived a shot to her head and life could not be more luckier for the dog almost four years after the attack.

Lilly is now 10 and the doberman-rottweiler cross has a much quieter life on a property near Yackandandah, spending her days rollicking across eight hectares with her best mate, Whiskey the mastiff-ridgeback cross, and chasing lizards.

About eight months after the 2010 shooting, Sarge, Lilly’s fellow guard dog at Supagas, died and owner Ian McKay decided to retire Lilly.

“I felt a bit sorry for her and because she’d been a guard dog all her life, we felt she needed to have a life,” Mr McKay said.

Mr McKay called for a new owner in an article with The Border Mail and he was so overwhelmed by the response he had to conduct interviews with prospective candidates, narrowing the field to people with big backyards, who had no children and other dogs for Lilly to play with.

Joe Lorenzo and Emma Syme saw Lilly in the paper and wanted her straight away.

“I felt so sorry for her,” Mr Lorenzo, an internet marketer, said.

The couple said Lilly is very spoilt and the dog never lost her friendly nature after the shooting, the only scars being the faint one that runs down her face.

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