Exercise a family activity

NEW mothers are melting away excess kilograms using newborns as weights in a gym program that restores their confidence and gives them the opportunity to bond with their infant.

Physiotherapist Simone O’Connor started the program at Wodonga’s Fitness 24/7 in September to encourage mothers to regain their fitness and prevent damage to their body.

“We want mums to know the right exercises,” she said.

“A lot of changes happen during pregnancy and this class helps them recover by getting muscle balance back.

“The focus is all on the new baby, but mums need to focus on their own health as well.”

Jacqui Turner spoke of the benefits as she squatted and lifted Austin, 3 months, in the air.

“After I gave birth I had a tear in my tummy muscles,” she said.

“The class has helped heaps and I am slowly getting my strength and my confidence back.”

Ms Turner said exercising together was a bonding experience.

“This class is realistic; I wouldn’t go to the gym if I couldn’t bring him,” she said.

Mother of six Katrina McMahon brought her son Spencer, 5 months.

“I’m not so self-conscious in this class because we are all on the same journey,” she said.

She believed lacking self-esteem was common in new mothers and it held them back from reclaiming fitness.

Mothers keen to join can call Ms O’Connor on 0410 616 813.

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