Rabby on the road to recovery

IT was touch-and-go there for a while, but doctors are now happy to report Rabby is well on his way to a full recovery.

There were doubts at first — were his injuries too severe?

Could they find a donor to match after the stuffing was, quite literally, knocked out of him?

But last week Rabby, the soft-toy rabbit, the very first patient at Victoria Gift Baskets’ Bear Hospital in Swift Street, Albury, was discharged into the hands of his owner Pip Martinotti, 11.

Rabby had been through many adventures in his time: trips around the world; accidental jaunts through the rubbish bin; and a kidnapping at the hands of Pip’s nine-year-old sister (she discovered the bunny had in fact been intended for her when she was born).

But his most recent escapade was almost the end of him, until Victoria Fulton and “Dr Pad Paws” put him right.

“I told them not to take out his stuffing, because that’s his memory, life and soul,” said Pip, clutching Rabby tightly.

Rabby’s now under strict doctor’s orders for “plenty of rest and lots of cuddles”, said Ms Fulton, while Dr Pad Paws takes on her next patient: a gorilla named McGilla.

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