Super Nan doing it tough on the punt

SUPER Nan has been doing it tough on the punt lately.

It’s been over a month since her last collect and desperate times call for desperate measures.

She heard through a friend that since retiring last year, Commercial Club president, Barry Edmunds, had a lot more time on his hands to study the form and was having a phenomenal run on the punt.

So much so that Bazza has won seven weeks straight for his punters club and banked thousands of dollars in the process.

Super Nan and Bazza go back a long way and struck up a friendship when Bazza used to own the Mighty Mart supermarket and take away shop in Union Road about three decades ago.

“I christened Norma ‘Super Nan’ about 30-years ago,” Bazza said.

“She lived around the corner and was always in the supermarket so we started calling her Super Nan.

“I was always flat out running the shop working 14 hours a day, seven days a week that I didn’t have time to scratch myself.

“So I used to rely on Super Nan for a few tips and then I would get her to drive to the TAB and put my bets on.

“We used to have a lot of fun and a fair bit of success back in those days.

“I always knew how Super Nan went on the punt because when she won she would come in and order lobster tail, oysters and flathead.

“While when she lost she would only get potato cakes and dim sims.

“But since then I’ve improved my punting ability immensely while I hear Super Nan has been dining on a lot of potato cakes and dim sims.”

When Bazza heard Super Nan was down on her luck he didn’t hesitate to give her a call to catch up and even shouted her a lobster from Kennedy’s Meats for tea that night.

A grateful Super Nan offered Baz a couple of dim sims in return as the two Essendon supporters discussed how the Bombers would go this year and who would win today’s Albury Gold Cup.

After winning so much money on the punt this year, Bazza’s biggest headache lately is deciding where his punters club will head for their annual trip.

“In the past we have been to Adelaide, Noosa Heads and the Gold Coast,” Bazza said.

“Last year we went real bad and had to settle for a day trip to Chiltern.

“But if I can stay in this sort of form I’m going to start looking at brochures for Sha Tin.”

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