'My breasts are perfect': Overseas surgery debate

SOURCE: Newcastle Herald

THE increasing trend of heading overseas for plastic surgery – boosted this week by the launch of NIB Options – has opinions divided.

But Camille Thomas says it is the best decision she has ever made.

The Nelson Bay resident went on a holiday to Thailand to celebrate her 21st birthday – and to increase her breast size from an A Cup to DD.

While the cost of breast implants in Australia can start at $10,500,  Ms Thomas’s surgery cost $4000.

Almost two years later, she said the  implants still look ‘‘perfect’’ and she had no regrets about going to Phuket International Hospital.

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On Monday, Hunter-based private health insurer NIB launched a new venture called NIB Options.

It’s not private health insurance, but a bundled service that organises travel, accommodation, surgery and post-surgery care in Australia and overseas.

Under the Options service, the price of going overseas for a boob job starts from $7100, including flights and accommodation.

The decision to branch out into this business has copped criticism, with Newcastle plastic surgeons raising concerns about an increase in botched jobs.

Ms Thomas doesn’t agree.

‘‘I thought, you can take a risk here in Australia or take a risk overseas,’’ she said.

‘‘It was so clean over there, I felt really safe.

‘‘Part of my decision to go overseas was because it was so expensive in Australia at the time; it was like $10,000 or $12,000.

‘‘You do see things on A Current Affair and 60 Minutes about things going wrong, but it wasn’t going to change my mind.

‘‘I think NIB’s move is good, it will get people thinking about going overseas more and make it safer.’’

Ms Thomas said competition with the overseas market seemed to be bringing prices down in Australia because her friend recently had breast implants for $6000 in Parramatta.

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