$20k is not the last of it

ALBURY North Rotary Club handed over the final instalment of its $125,000 donation to Hilltop Carer Accommodation Centre yesterday.

As president David Thurling presented the last $20,000, he predicted it would not be their last donation.

“Our involvement in a project like this won’t just end,” he said.

“You can’t start something like this and let it go, you need to continue to nurture it because it’s important to the community.”

Mr Thurling said the $125,000 was the largest donation the club had ever made.

“We’ve had members who have had to stay in Fight Cancer facilities in Melbourne and that’s sort of how it started,” he said.

Mr Thurling said accommodation in Melbourne for a week costs about $1500.

“That just shows the importance of these facilities,” he said.

Fight Cancer Foundation managing director Eric Wright said they had received almost $3 million in donations from the community.

“We are a charity org-anisation and we mostly rely on those donations,” he said.

The money donated yesterday will support a $75,000 refurbishment of a storage space.

“We plan to create an outdoor playground for children who stay at Hilltop and turn the storage space into a multi-purpose room,” Mr Wright said.

His vision included game consoles, books, DVDs and toys to alleviate the stress some parents might feel having to provide entertainment for their children.

“It gives kids a place to disappear and be away from everything,” Mr Wright said.

The accommodation has been active for just over 12 months and has housed about 400 families.

The colours of the children’s room will be based on an artwork donated and painted by Albury North Rotary Club member Barbara Strand.

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