Her ‘baby bump’ was no joke

HELEN Hadfield often joked about her baby bump, as she called it, but little did she know it was a tumour growing on her right ovary.

The Browns Plains resident will be taking part in Sunday’s memorial walk for ovarian cancer at Wodonga’s Sumsion Gardens.

The walk remembers Wodonga woman Kelsey Watts, who died from ovarian cancer in 2011.

Mrs Hadfield, 47, suffered symptoms for a year before ovarian cancer was diagnosed in 2012.

“I was tired, irritable and had horrific pain in my stomach,” she said.

“Doctors thought it was a problem with my thyroid function. Had they done the ultrasound earlier, it would have helped with my treatment.”

Mrs Hadfield has since had treatment and has been in remission for 10 months.

But she has been told there is a good chance of the cancer coming back.

“Women need to listen to their body and if there’s something wrong and their doctor is not listening, go somewhere else,” she said.

Mrs Hadfield would like to see more support for those diagnosed and is looking at starting a morning support group.

Those interested can phone her on 0417 454 280.

Sunday’s walk will start at 9am.

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