O brother, is that you over there?

THERE might be plenty of grass between them but two brothers will be feeling their glares from length of the pitch.

Keeping goal at opposite ends and for opposing teams, Scott and Matt Mildren will be keener than ever to keep the ball from the back of the net in tomorrow’s match between St Pat’s and Boomers FC.

Especially if there’s a penalty.

Scott, who plays for St Pat’s, is a handy field player.

“We’ve already talked about it at the club and whether I’d get to take the penalty,” he said.

But whatever the outcome of the match, Scott said he was looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m stoked we’re going to get to play against each other,” he said.

“We’ve never even played on the same field — I’ve always been in a different grade or away or injured.

“But there’s a bit of rivalry there and I like to give him a bit of grief off the field.”

Matt has conceded just one goal so far this season.

“There’s always a bit of friendly banter so it will be good to get one up,” he said.

“We’ve got back Dustin Patten, who’s a tall defender, which has helped stopped the ball getting through.”

For St Pat’s coach Andy Stevens, it might just be the spark to help kick start their season, which he described as being “ordinary” so far.

That came to a head last week when St Pat’s lost 10-2 to Wodonga Diamonds.

“It was very disappointed last weekend against Diamonds, they gave us a fair hiding,” Stevens said.

“Diamonds are very strong in both grades and we just lacked the quality.

“Probably our first 20 minutes was terrible, we were 4-0 down after that and had conceded two penalties.

“It’s a long way back from there against any team but against a side that won it last year it’s an even bigger ask.”

Stevens said it was a positive that juniors were coming through the ranks like Jordan Mahoney, 15, who scored both of St Pat’s goals last week.

Chris Mitchell joined the St Pat’s side this year after the summer break and Stevens said he’d been among the side’s best.

I’m stoked we’re going to get to play against each other. We’ve never even played on the same field — I’ve always been in a different grade or away or injured. - SCOTT MILDREN

Stevens said it was the first time he’d seen two brothers keeping for opposite teams.

“I’ve seen brothers at the same club and brothers on opposing teams like the Hasler boys,” he said.

This week St Pat’s will focus on closing down the midfield and keeping the Boomers scoreless.

“It’s a very simple philosophy but a very important one,” Stevens said.

“We’ve got to work on helping the defence out more — they’ve been pretty solid but through middle we’re not helping enough and making their job too difficult.

“But we’d played well against Hotspurs earlier in the year so there were good signs and we’ve got to get back to that.

“Boomers are a good side, they’re a really structured side and Grovesy (Andrew Grove) has got them going well.

“It will be a big challenge.

“We want an improved performance and to bring a bit of pride back for the team.

“It’s a good club and it’s a strong club in many terms, we’ve just got to get those results right on the field.”

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