Tiny feet on their way to the barre

THERE weren’t any fancy pirouettes or textbook plies when a group of toddlers took ballet lessons in Albury yesterday.

That was not surprising when you realised they were part of a baby ballet class where the youngest began when she was just 18 months old.

Murray Youth Ballet introduced the 30-minute twice-weekly classes this year at the suggestion of mothers whose older children already danced at the studio.

“Some of them have older sisters in classes and the mums said ‘you really should start a baby class’,” instructor Keira Gush said.

The participants range in age from 18 months to three years with some older ring-ins yesterday because of school holidays.

“It’s hard to get them to concentrate but it’s all about fun. If they’re enjoying it, everyone else is enjoying it as well,” Ms Gush said.

“Because they’re so little most won’t go into the room without their parents, so we’ve found the parents are doing it with them.”

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