LUNAR ECLIPSE: Pink moon rises over Border

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THE spectacular sight of a pink moon rising greeted Border and North East residents with a clear view to the east last night.

It was the result of a total lunar eclipse — when the sun, moon and Earth are in perfect alignment, causing the Earth’s shadow to fall on the moon.

Astronomical Society of Victoria spokesman Perry Vlahos said it was rare to see the moon rise at sunset “already in the middle of an eclipse”.

“It took a while to get out of the low cloud on the eastern horizon but once it did, it had a pinkish glow to it,” Mr Vlahos said.

The moon began to move into the Earth’s shadow at 3.58pm and was fully immersed in shadow by 5.06pm.

The moon rose at 5.49pm, with the full eclipse remaining until about 6.25pm and the eclipse disappearing altogether by about 7.30pm.

The moon’s pink colour became apparent as it rose higher in the sky and darkness fell.

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