12 crosses helped to save lives: Connors

A WANGARATTA police sergeant would like to think the 12 white crosses placed along the Hume Freeway during Easter played a part in a fatality-free long weekend.

Highway Patrol Sgt Michael Connors yesterday removed the crosses between Glenrowan and Springhurst that had each marked the exact spot where a life was lost.

“It’s great to get to the end of Easter and have no fatalities or serious injuries in our area,” he said.

“We have had positive feedback about the campaign and I would like to think it made a difference.”

Sgt Connors said a Border Mail article about the crosses on the Victoria Police Facebook page had received 5000 likes.

“Seeing the crosses was something that people could not ignore,” he said.

“Hopefully people were looking at the locations and it got them thinking just how it could happen in that spot.

“The Hume Freeway is one of the best maintained roads and no one should lose their life on it but, unfortunately, it comes down to the actions of the driver.”

Sgt Connors thanked the support he had from VicRoads to line the 50-kilometre stretch of the freeway in an effort to reach out to drivers.

He hopes to continue the campaign during the Queen’s Birthday weekend and during other holidays.

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