Bigger Wodonga copshop almost ready

Paul Brady checks on progress at extensions under way at the police station. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN

Paul Brady checks on progress at extensions under way at the police station. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN

WODONGA police will move into new offices next month as the completion of the station’s upgrade draws closer.

Muted brown cladding went up last week on the new upper level of the Hovell Street building — the first outward indication that works may soon be finished.

Work on the $2.17 million upgrade, undertaken by Premier Building and Construction, began in August and was slated to finish in February.

Acting Sen-Sgt Paul Brady said while there had been some small delays, he believed work was now on track.

He said officers would slowly begin to move into the new space in the next four weeks.

“We’ll be moving into certain parts in stages as the builders finish it,” he said.

“That will allow us to utilise the space that is already completed.”

No doubt that will come as relief to the station’s many police members and administrative staff, who have been working in cramped conditions since at least 2006.

That was when an extension to the station was first publicly touted — four years after the station opened.

“We’ve received new members over the past few years and new units have been created, all working out of this building,” Sgt Brady said.

“We’ve just had to fit where we can and just squash in and make do.

“It is going to make it a lot easier for the members to work in.

“There’ll be more privacy for them and the people who come in to see them.”

Despite the building works forcing officers to work in even more cramped conditions, Sen-Sgt Brady said they had just “got on with the job”.

“It’s quite remarkable to see how everyone is coping with the way they’ve had to work in the smaller space,” he said.

The station is being extended by 330 square metres to the footpath on Hovell Street.

New offices include space for a crime scene unit, family violence unit and district tasking unit.

The station’s youth resources officer, crime prevention officer and administrative staff will all get a new home.

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