Bronwynne Richardson murder | Anonymous call led to Ross Eames

First published: December 1, 2011

A SOUTH Australian police officer yesterday gave details of two phone calls he received at the Murray Bridge station in 1989.

Sgt Paul Friend had been a constable for 12 months when he received the calls with someone upset about a television program the previous night which referred to the Bronwynne Richardson murder many years prior.

The officer took notes as he tried to gain the confidence of the caller and asked to meet.

"He was quite adamant that he did not want to meet because he was wanted in NSW for another matter," Sgt Friend said.

The caller rang back a second time, confirmed some earlier details and police tried to trace the call.

Sgt Friend said he knew nothing about the murder investigation until the call.

He described the caller's voice as "a strong Australian-type drawl with no speech impediment".

"There was nothing distinctive about the voice," he said.

It led police to identity Ross Eames as the possible caller and Detective Sgt Neville Smith from the homicide unit went to Murray Bridge and interviewed Mr Eames on February 15, 1990.

Questions were posed by Sgt Smith with answers given by Mr Eames and another officer writing everything down.

At the completion of the interview, Mr Eames was asked to sign the notes, but declined.

"I think from the outset he did not want to be there," former Sgt Smith said.

He said Mr Eames was surprised a phone call led to NSW police arriving on his doorstep to ask about Ms Richardson's death.

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