Bronwynne Richardson murder | Two named as persons of interest

First published: November 29, 2011

TWO men have been nominated as persons of interest in the unsolved death of Bronwynne Richardson.

One of them is Geoffrey Charles Brown, who was a boyfriend of Ms Richardson when she attended St Paul's College at Walla.

The other is Ross Eames, who was allegedly at the murder scene near Horseshoe Lagoon, west of Albury, on October 12, 1973, but did not take part when Ms Richardson was sexually assaulted and killed.

Two other men supposedly present when the murder took place, Max Martin and Kevin Newman, have since died.

The inquest on Ms Richardson began in Albury yesterday more than 38 years after she was murdered.

It has come about through investigations by Sgt Steven Morgan, a detective with the NSW police cold case unit, and will focus on the manner of her death.

The inquest, before deputy state coroner Carmel Forbes, is expected to take five days.

"The purpose of this inquest is to inquire into the circumstances of Bronwynne's death," Ms Forbes said yesterday.

"These proceedings will be stressful, especially for the next of kin and the witnesses."

Ms Richardson's mother Noel, father Stan and three sisters were in court yesterday.

Counsel assisting the coroner, Warwick Hunt, said Ms Richardson had suffered injuries to the neck and, in common parlance, had died from strangulation.

Her body was recovered from Horseshoe Lagoon on October 14, 1973.

"It's the sincere hope that some further light may be shed on that aspect," Mr Hunt said. "This is the third time authorities and courts have inquired into Bronwynne's death."

Mr Hunt said the investigation in 1973 was fairly rigorous, given the ruling policing standards.

He said the coroner considered whether a known person committed an indictable offence regarding the death.

Mr Hunt said if there was such a finding, the matter could be referred to authorities.

Mr Eames was the third witness called yesterday and began to give evidence before lunch.

But, following legal advice, he declined to answer any questions when the court resumed.

Six witnesses are listed to give evidence today.

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